New York Marijuana Seeds & Clones

Get the finest New York marijuana seeds and clones in the state by ordering one of our consultation packages today!

Join the millions of people nationwide that are starting their marijuana growing journey now that it’s legal in the state of New York!

Each consultation order comes with free cannabis seeds!

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Our Most Popular New York Marijuana Seeds

Our expert cannabis breeders have spent decades perfecting their favorite strains that are now available to people across New York state! Each strain we offer strikes the perfect balance between ease of growing and beautiful, tasty buds.

New York Marijuana Seeds

Free Mandarin Cookies Marijuana Seeds

One of the best new York Marijuana seeds available is the cherished Mandarin Cookies. A cross between the popular Tangie & Cookies strains, it’s easy to grow and provides a calming high with a gassy fragrance.

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Free Gorilla Cake Marijuna Seeds

Our Gorilla Cake varietal is a favorite for new growers looking fora heavy “stoney” high that’s pretty easy to grow. It’s a cross between the award winning Wedding Cake and Gorilla Glue strains that gives you big heavy buds and a terpene rich aroma.

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Free Kino Vision CBD Seeds

Kino Vision is a high CBD strain popular among CBD growers and users. It’s a robust marijuana plant that gives great yields and a smooth enjoyable, relaxing smoke.

“I’m so excited to finally grow my own marijuana seeds legally! You guys have been super helpful getting me the seeds that I need for my first home grow. Thanks again!”

~ Scott C., Rochester, NY

NY Cannabis Seed & Clone Request Form

We just launched in New York and we’ll be building out our site as we go. Please fill in the form below if you’re interested in our free cannabis seed or clone program and we’ll get in touch with you shortly. Everyone that gets on our list will receive a big discount once growing is officially allowed!

New York Cannabis Seed & Clone FAQ

We understand that growing marijuana JUST became legal in the state of New York. We get a ton of questions each day so we’ve put together an FAQ section to help you understand some of our most asked questions and their answers.

How Soon Will I Get My Seeds or Clones?

Once you purchase one of our grow consulting packages, we’ll confirm payment, set up your consultation and ship your seeds or clones within 2-3 business days. You should receive your marijuana seeds or clones to your New York address within 5-7 business days maximum.

We do not sell cannabis seeds, the only way you can get our premium marijuana seeds is by ordering one of our grow consulting packages on our website. Please ensure you follow all laws and regulations regarding cannabis.

You’ll find our consultation packages are very reasonably priced, and the free cannabis seeds are a massive bonus!

Do New York Dispensaries Sell Seeds?

Although it’s very likely that dispensaries will sell marijuana seeds and clones in New York, it’s in their best interest that you buy their retail marijuana. If you want trustworthy cannabis seeds, you would be better off getting them from a trusted, successful breeder like us.

It’s in our best interest that you grow fantastic plants so you keep coming back. We provide cannabis seeds and clones from expert growers with decades of experience perfecting our strains.

Do I Have To Order A Consultation To Get Seeds?

Yes, we do not sell seeds direct. Instead we actually give away seeds with each consultation ordered. Our prices are very reasonable and the seeds you get for free are top level genetics bred by some of the best breeders in the United States. Here is a breakdown of our pricing:

$150 = 5 Minute Grow Consultation + 5 Free Seeds

$200 = 10 Minute Grow Consultation + 10 Free Seeds

$350 = 20 Minute Grow Consultation + 20 Free Seeds

What Areas Do You Ship Seeds & Clones To?

We ship our New York marijuana seeds direct to your door or thee address of your choice. We offer discrete packages that typically arrive within 4-7 business days.

Simply order your consultation and input your shipping address and we’ll ship out your free seeds within 1-2 business days.

Can You Set Up My Grow For Me?

Unfortunately we’re not offering this service at this time. However, we have hand selected the best grow tent kit setups for beginning growers that you can order. Each grow tent kit you order will ensure the best growing environment for your clones or seeds.

Simply order the kit of your choice, follow our directions, and you’ll have a beautiful crop of high yield plants in a few short months!

Should I Start With Seeds Or Clones?

It depends. You will typically get better yields and stronger plants by starting with seeds. You can speed up the process by getting clones, but if you want multiple crops per year, you’ll need to go with seeds.

Autoflower plants cannot be cloned easily, so get the seeds and you can grow multiple crops each year. They are also easier to grow and take minimal knowledge or skills to get a fantastic crop every time.

Marijuana Seeds New York Coverage Area

We happily serve the needs of all New York state recreational marijuana growers. This includes:

Albany | New York City | Rochester | Syracuse | Buffalo | Brooklyn | The Bronx | Manhattan | White Plains | Long Island | Farmingdale | Bay SHore | Uniondale | Riverhead | Hampton Bays | Greenport | Montauk | Queens | Crown Heights | Forest Hills | Yonkers | Mt. Vernon | New Rochelle and everywhere across the beautiful state of New York!