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Our genetics have been pheno hunted from the top breeders in the world like Cookies, Compound Genetics, Backpack Boyz and more!

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fish scale marijuana clones ny

New York Clones List

Each of our NY clone orders is shipped with priority express to ensure peak freshness and viability. We have a strict 6 clone minimum per order, but you can split your 6 clones between multiple clone strains (Ex: 2 Mimosa + 2 Kush Mints + 2 Apple Fritter). Browse our collection of the hottest New York clone strains on the market below and start growing fat, highly potent buds!

violet fog clones

Violet Fog

33% THC

apples and bananas cannabis clones New York

Apples & Bananas

32%% THC

black truffle clones

Black Truffle

32% THC

cadillac rainbows clones NY

Cadillac Rainbows

32% THC

cap junky clones new york

Cap Junky

33% THC

dante's inferno clones NYC

Dante’s Inferno #8

28% THC

sherbert haze clones

Sherbert Haze

28% THC

gorilla glue cannabis clones NY

Gorilla Glue #4

30% THC

Exotic Cannabis Clones

Our exotics collection features our most hard to find cuts by some of the biggest names in premium genetics. If you’re interested in our exotics, please reach out via email to for availability.

fish scale marijuana clones ny

Fish Scale by Cookies

26% THC


gary payton new york

Gary Payton Clones

25% THC


hood candy marijuana clones ny

Hood Candy Clones

27% THC


After Dark by Purple City Genetics

32% THC


lemon cherry gelato clones

Lemon Cherry Gelato

29% THC


Jealousy Clones

20% THC


rainbow belts marijuana clones ny

Rainbow Belts Clones

24% THC


spritzer clones new york

Spritzer Clones

24% THC


marijuana seed vault

New Limited Edition Seeds!

Each year our expert breeders drop some of the hottest new crosses on the planet. These 9 limited edition seed packs are perfect for your collection if you want the most premium, hard-to-find seeds on the market. On sale now!

Our Most Popular New York Marijuana Seeds

Our expert cannabis breeders have spent decades perfecting their favorite strains that are now available to people across New York state! Each strain we offer strikes the perfect balance between ease of growing and beautiful, tasty buds.

ny clones gsc seeds

Girl Scout Cookies

Indica Dominant Hybrid

The Cannabis Cup winner is a fan favorite in California with growers and smokers.

runtz seeds new york


Indica Dominant Hybrid

A brilliant cross between Gelato & Zkittlez packs a hard punch and tastes fantastic!

grand daddy purple new york

Grand Daddy Purple

Indica Dominant Hybrid

A hard hitting Indica with BIG yields you’ll love! Packing a 25% THC punch.

gelato seeds ny



Our most popular seeds for good reason. It’s one of the hottest strains in the US!

wedding cake clones new york

Wedding Cake

Indica Dominant Hybrid

A really potent strain that consistently hits over 25% THC levels!

ice cream cake seeds new york

Ice Cream Cake

Indica Dominant Hybrid

One of the hottest strains on the market, this cross between Wedding Cake & Gelato is 🔥.

sour diesel clones nyc

Sour Diesel

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

An East Coast favorite for decades, Sour D is ultra gassy with 25% THC and a big yielder.

do si dos clones

Do Si Dos

Heavy Indica Dominant Hybrid

This cross between Girl Scout Cookies & Face Off OG boasts up to 30% THC levels!.

“I’m so excited to finally grow my own marijuana seeds legally! You guys have been super helpful getting me the seeds that I need for my first home grow. Thanks again!”

~ Scott C., Rochester, NY

NY Cannabis Clone Request Form

Our list is always selling out and updating. Send an email to or submit the form below to get an updated list and ordering instructions.

New York Clones & Seeds FAQ

We understand that growing marijuana JUST became legal in the state of New York. We get a ton of questions each day so we’ve put together an FAQ section to help you understand some of our most asked questions and their answers about our New York clones program.

How Soon Will I Get My Seeds or Clones?

You now have the chance to order both New York clones or seeds and have them shipped straight to your door. Our shipping is always discreet and fast. Our clones, due to the fact they are living plants, must be shipped with overnight delivery to ensure your clones arrive in pristine condition.

Our cannabis seeds on the other hand, are not living plants so we can offer standard shipping with no chance of ruining the seeds.

You can order your clones by clicking on any of the strains listed above in our clone section, choose your amount and order.

We are currently only accepting Venmo, Cash App and Zelle for our clone orders, but this will likely change within the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Do New York Dispensaries Sell Seeds?

Although it’s very likely that dispensaries will sell marijuana seeds and clones in New York, it’s in their best interest that you buy their retail marijuana. If you want trustworthy cannabis seeds, you would be better off getting them from a trusted, successful breeder like us.

It’s in our best interest that you grow fantastic plants so you keep coming back. We provide cannabis seeds and clones from expert growers with decades of experience perfecting our strains.

Do I Have To Order A Consultation To Get Seeds?

No, you can now buy your clones online without the hassle of picking them up at our nursery which is likely a few hours away from where you are.

Simply add the NY clones you want to your cart, check out to get an order number and total, then submit your payment via one of the accounts listed on the thank you page to complete your order. We will ship your clones out within 24 hours and give you a tracking number as soon as they’re sent.

What Areas Do You Ship Seeds & Clones To?

We ship our New York marijuana seeds direct to your door or the address of your choice. We offer discrete packages that typically arrive within 4-7 business days.

We now ship our clones to any city in New York. We decided that deliveries and pickups weren’t working well, so we decided to go 100% shipped so you don’t have to drive hours to get your clones.

Can You Set Up My New York Clones Grow For Me?

Unfortunately we’re not offering this service at this time. However, we have hand selected the best grow tent kit setups for beginning growers that you can order. Each grow tent kit you order will ensure the best growing environment for your clones or seeds.

Simply order the kit of your choice, follow our directions, and you’ll have a beautiful crop of high yield plants in a few short months!

Should I Start With Seeds Or Clones?

It depends. You will typically get better yields and stronger plants by starting with seeds. You can speed up the process by getting clones, but if you want multiple crops per year, you’ll need to go with seeds.

Autoflower plants cannot be cloned easily, so get the seeds and you can grow multiple crops each year. They are also easier to grow and take minimal knowledge or skills to get a fantastic crop every time.

If you don’t have the patience for finishing the seed germination process we recommend clones, that are already rooted (which is half the battle). They’re easy to just plant outside or in a grow tent kit.

Marijuana Clones New York Coverage Area

We happily serve the needs of all New York state recreational marijuana growers. This includes:

Albany | New York City | Rochester | Syracuse | Buffalo | Brooklyn | The Bronx | Manhattan | White Plains | Long Island | Farmingdale | Bay SHore | Uniondale | Riverhead | Hampton Bays | Greenport | Montauk | Queens | Crown Heights | Forest Hills | Yonkers | Mt. Vernon | New Rochelle and everywhere across the beautiful state of New York! Be sure to visit us on the web.

If you’re new to the area, you’ll enjoy a few of these New York attractions: