marijuana teens new york

New York Marijuana Teens For Sale

UPDATE 3-13-24: We are not selling teens at the moment to make room for more clones this Spring. We probably won’t be bringing them back until Fall of 2024.

Order our exotic teens for sale and jumpstart your grow with healthy, 1.5-2 foot tall cannabis teens, shipped straight to your door!

Get hour hands on some of the most in demand genetics in the game!

🧬 Hard To Find, Exotic Genetics

🌲 Well Developed Root Systems, Shipped In 3″ Soil Pots

🚀 Get Two Month Head Start Over Seeds!

Update: Please read our pricing explanation below before reaching out. We’ve removed our 6 plant minimum so you can now buy singles if you’d like.

Our NY Cannabis Teen Genetics

We have some of the most fire genetics in the game in teen form. Take a look at a sample of our teens and submit a request below to get an updated inventory.

All teens are the listed price for the first teen, then $40 per teen of the same strain. This new pricing model allows us to offer fewer than our previous minimum of 6 teens. You can now order a single teen if you’d like.

Example: 4 Lemon Cherry Gelato Teens

1st Lemon Cherry Gelato is $250

Remaining 3 lemon Cherry Gelato teens are 3 x $40 = $120

Total Before Shipping = $370

carbon fiber clones

Carbon Fiber (22%)

Grapes & Cream x Biscotti

Cannarado Genetics


kush mints teens

Kush Mints (24%)

Bubba Kush x Animal Mints

Rabid Hippy Genetics


red bullz teens

Red Bullz (24%) New!

Grape Gasoline x White Runtz

Compound Genetics


Grape Gasoline (27%)

Grape Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato

Compound x Cannarado Collab


cookies fish scale teens

Fish Scale #4 (26%)

East Coast Sour D x Crippy


Apples & Bananas (28%)

GDP x Platinum Cookies


Grapes & Cream (27%)

Grape Pie x Cookies & Cream


Cereal Milk (25%)

Y Life x Snowman


kush mints teens

Kush Mints (24%)

Bubba Kush x Animal Mints


After Dark (32%)

Gush Mintz x Sunset Sherbet


Jealousy (20%)

Gelato #41 x Sunset Sherbet Bx


gushers teens nyc

Gushers (22%)

Triangle Kush x Gelato #41


NY Marijuana Teen Order Request

Simply fill out this form to see what 1-1.5 foot tall teens we have in stock and ready to ship. Our list changes frequently so we may not have some of the strains listed above. All teens are planted in 3″ soil pots with well developed root systems. You can mix & match strains if you want.

Jumpstart Your Grow With Cannabis Teens!

Tired of wasting time germinating seeds and waiting weeks for your plants to get over a foot tall?

The best option to get a two month heads start over seeds is to order cannabis teens. You’ll have a higher success rate than you would with seeds or clones, and you’ll be up to two months closer to a big, beautiful harvest!

All of our cannabis teens are treated weekly to ensure no bugs or pests exist. Each teen has a well developed root system and comes in 3″ soil pots.

If you’re looking to flip and harvest faster, marijuana teens are going to be your best bet. Order today to enjoy the perks of starting with teens!

New York Marijuana Teens For Sale FAQ

If you’re new to growing, or new to our website you might have some questions about our cannabis teens. Here are the most common questions and answers about our teens.

What Are Cannabis Teens?

Teens are plants that are older and more established than clones. A clone is a cutting that’s around 6-9 inches tall, and a “teen” is typically older, has a more developed root system, more nodes and ours average around 1.5 – 2 feet tall.

Our teens have already been transplanted into soil pots that are 3″ on each side, allowing for a significant root system.

Teens can shave an additional few weeks off of your grow because they’re larger and more established than marijuana clones New York

If you’re a brand new grower it’s recommended that you start with teens, since they’re less sensitive than clones or seedlings, which will boost your chance of a successful grow, while also minimizing the time to flower.

How Do You Ship Your Teens?

We take extreme care in shipping our teens. We use a large 17″ tall plastic container for each teen, so the 3″ x 3″ soil pot and teens fit snugly and securely.

Shipping takes around 3 business days, which won’t negatively impact the health of your cannabis teens. We have a break free and pest free guarantee as well.